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Oscar: Social Network

Fincher’s brilliant film “Social Network” should get at least ten nods from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, including….

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Neal, Patricia: Tribute to a Great Actress

Three of my favorite Patricial Neal roles are in “The Fountainhead,” (1949), opposite Gary Cooper, “Hud” (1963), costarring with Paul Newman, and “The Subject Was Roses” (1968), with Jack Albertson as her dissenting husband.

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Winter's Bone: Prize-Winning Indie Plays Well

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Crude: Controversial Oil Documentary at Court

Crude: Controversial Oil Documentary at Court

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Oscar Directors: Nolan, Christopher–Career

Launching New Column: Only in Hollywood

One of the most gifted and original filmmakers working in Hollywood today, British-born Christopher Nolan is also one of the few Hollywood directors who has never made an artistically bad picture, or a commercial flop. Granted, not all of his efforts were successful, or equally successful….

Inception Review