Niagra Niagra (1998): Director Bob Gosse Tale of Woman with Tourret Syndrome (Robin Tunney)

The protagonist of “Niagra Niagra” is Marcy (well played by Robin Tunney) a woman afflicted with Tourret’s Syndrome (TS).

In this Shooting Gallery indie production, director Bob Gosse and writer Matthew Weiss can’t find the right balance between an intriguing character study and a simpler chronicle of the illness, its symptoms, and its consequences. And so we get graphic scenes that depict the various symptoms and the nasty effects of TS.

We then find out that Marcy also has a problem with booze, which turns the feature into something cheaper and more exploitative than was intended by the filmmakers.

Marcy is dating a shy, introverted guy named Seth (Henry Thomas), and their encounters make the film a bit more enjoyable.

Gosse sides completely with his heroine to the point of depicting those around her, including a harsh, insensitive pharmacist (Stephen Lang), in one-dimensional ways.

Tunney won the acting award at the Venice Film Festival.


Robin Tunney (Marcy)
Henry Thomas (Seth)
Michael Parks (Waiter)
Stephen Lang (Pharmacist).


Shooting Gallery production
Director: Bob Gosse
Producers: David L. Bushell, Larry Meistric
Screenplay: Matthew Weiss
Camera: Michael Spiller
Editor: Rachel Warden
Music: Jeff Bird, Michael Timmins
Production Design: Clark Hunter
Costume Design: Laura Jean Shannon

Running time: 96 Minutes.