Good Time: Robert Pattinson Playing Loser–Career High

Though it was a decade ago, many viewers still think of Robert Pattinson as the star of  the Twilight series.

But he has followed the blockbuster franchise with character roles in small indies where he’s played unlikable men.

This trend is evident with his new role in the  Safdie brothers’ drama, Good Time, which world premieres today at the 2017 Cannes Film Fest.

Pattinson portrays an aimless bank robber, who suffers through a series of unfortunate events that start with the arrest of his brother after a botched job. When Pattinson appears onscreen, he is a lanky loser with tattoos, a goatee and a hunched posture.

“I always wanted to look like I’ve been street cast,” Pattinson at a press conference on Thursday.

Good Time was shot on the streets of Manhattan and Queens. “Because we were shooting guerrilla style, I was so nervous about people finding out about the shoot and paparazzi being there,” Pattinson said. “It destroys the illusion of it. What I was doing as a person was feeding into the character, trying to disappear, trying to be a ghost in the crowd.”

The role is getting good reviews at Cannes, with some critics already labeling it as Pattinson’s best performance. “I feel like the character was a conduit for a lot of different people’s energies,” said Pattinson, adding he felt like an outsider in a cast that all hailed from New York. “I don’t know how much of it was really me other than being really manic.”

“No one really sees that,” he added. “That’s a private thing. I’m someone who just stops at a red light and I’m just revving.”