Oscar Actors: Lemmon, Jack–Winner of Supporting Actor for Mister Roberts (1955) and Best Actor for Save the Tiger (1973)

Mister Roberts

Oscar Nominations: 3

Picture, produced by Leland Howard
Supporting Actor: Jack Lemmon
Sound Recording: William A. Mueller

Oscar Awards: 1

Supporting Actor: Lemmon

Oscar Context

In 1955, Delbert Mann’s “Marty” won Best Picture, Director, and other Oscars. The most nominated film was “The Rose Tattoo,” based on Tennessee Williams play and directed by the other Mann, Daniel. Most of the nominated pictures were screen adaptations of popular stage or TV plays. The other three nominees were the romantic melodrama “Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing,” John Ford’s “Mister Roberts,” and Joshua Logan’s “Picnic.”

Jack Lemmon won a second (Best Actor) Oscar in 1973, for the melodrama “Save the Tiger.”