Time Travelers Wife, The: Interview with Actress Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams plays Clare in “The Time Travelers Wife,” starring Eric Bana and directed by Robert Schwentke, which is released August 14, 2009 by New Line Cinema.

Ups and Downs

Rachel McAdams, who plays Clare in the romantic drama, observes, “A love story is more interesting when the two people are going through life's ups and downs and their love must persevere. I think a love that can withstand the biggest obstacles is inspiring and the obstacle Clare and Henry face is certainly very challenging.”

Relating to Clare

Cast as Clare, Rachel McAdams relates that she was first attracted to her role on the pages of the book. “I read the book a few years ago and thought it was such a beautiful love story, so when the movie came about I was very excited by the prospect of playing Clare. I was so intrigued by the character. I loved that she is an artist, and I also found her to be full of fascinating contradictions: she's very wise and at the same time a bit naive; she seeks out the extraordinary–she falls in love with a time traveler–but she also desperately wants something stable in her life. And I think that progresses as the story goes on. She's committed to this man and everything that comes with him, but she's struggling to make a home and have a normal marriage.”

Praise for Her Leading Man

McAdams has praise for co-star Eric Bana. “Eric is one of the most generous actors I've ever worked with. He's a wonderful listener and he's very patient and supportive; he's someone you can lean on in a scene. And he's also a lot of fun to be around. I had a great time working with him. I couldn't have asked for a better time-traveling husband,” she laughs.

Costume Enhancing Character

McAdams says she loved working with costume designer Julie Weiss to enhance her character. “Julie looks for plot points to help build your look,” the actress attests. “She is so detail-oriented. She would plant little seeds to go along with the costume. It was never anything overbearing; it was just these light touches that added to the whole person. She has an eye for color and an artistic flair, which I think was really important for Clare.”