Movie Audiences: Teens See Films in First Week

Most teens see movies within the first two weeks.

One fourth (27 percent) say they go on opening weekend, and an additional 44 percent go in the first two weeks, according to a recent OTX (Online Testing eXchange), Teen Topix survey of movie-going behavior and preferences.

Buzz Factor

Buzz is key to influencing movie-going decisions for teens: 70% of teens say that people are talking about a movie makes them want to see it in the theater. Buzz is more important than trailers (68%), ads (65%), or reviews (48%).

Teens also find out about the latest movies by conventional means: 61% say they get information from TV ads and 46% from in-theater trailers.
Entertainment websites (15%), social networking sites (15%), video sharing sites (13%), and movie ticket sites (8%), all are near the bottom of the information hierarchy.


Another key finding of the study was that teens are viewing movies they missed in theaters in more traditional ways. When teens were asked how they plan to view specific movies they didn’t see in the theater, most (69%) said they would rent or buy the DVD; pay-per-view and TV were also mentioned as options by about 1 in 10, but downloads were in the 1%-5% range, depending on title.