Sexism in Hollywood: Laster, Pixar’s Genius, Leaves due to Sexual Misconduct

Sexism Prevails at Pixar

Young women at Pixar Animation Studios have been warned for decades about the behavior of John Laseter, who disclosed today that he is taking a leave due to inappropriate conduct with women.

The company’s co-founder is known as a hugger. Around Pixar’s Emeryville, Calif., offices, a hug from Lasseter is seen as a mark of approval.

But among female employees, there has long been widespread discomfort about Lasseter’s hugs and about the other ways he showers attention on young women.

On Tuesday, Lasseter became the latest powerful and talented celeb to be accused of inappropriate behavior.

This comes after Harvey Weinstein’s sexual harassment scandal that brought down the movie mogul and the company that he co-founded with his brother, Bob.

has also tarnished other powerful men such as PBS and NBC Charlie Rose, two-time Oscar winner Kevin Spacey, comedian and host Louis C.K., and Amazon’s chief, Roy Price.