White Tower, The (1950): Ted Tetzlaff Technicolor Adventure, Starring Gleen Ford and Alida Valli

Ted Tetzlaff directed The White Tower, a Technicolor adventure, starring Alida Valli as a woman determined to fulfill her father’s dream by conquering the mountain that killed her father. Glenn Ford is the mountaineer who helps and loves her.

The White Tower
The White Tower VideoCover.jpeg

It is based on the 1945 novel by James Ramsey Ullman of the same name.

Carla assembles an unusual climbing party of six people in the Swiss Alps to tackle the nearly impossible ascent of a mountain known as ‘The White Tower,’ which has never been climbed.  They are headed by Martin Ordway (Ford, in top form).

While struggling together to conquer the perilous peak, which presents major obstacles, each climber shows his true worth and real identity.

Glenn Ford as Martin Ordway
Alida Valli as Carla Alten
Claude Rains as Paul DeLambre
Oskar Homolka as Andreas (as Oscar Homolka)
Cedric Hardwicke as Dr. Nicholas Radcliffe (as Sir Cedric Hardwicke)
Lloyd Bridges as Hein
June Clayworth as Mme. Astrid DeLambre
Lotte Stein as Frau Andreas


Directed by Ted Tetzlaff
Screenplay by Paul Jarrico, based on The White Tower 1945 novel by James Ramsey Ullman
Produced by Sid Rogell
Cinematography Ray Rennahan
Edited by Samuel E. Beetley
Music by Roy Webb

Production and distribution: RKO Radio Pictures

Release date: June 24, 1950 (US)

Running time: 98 minutes

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