Vengeance (Vangance) 1958): Spain’s Oscar-Nominated Film, Starring Raf Vallone.

1958: Best Foreign Language Film Oscar: Year 3

Juan Antonio Bardem directed Vengeance (Spanish: La venganza), a drama starring Italian Raf Vallone.

Francisco Rabal narrates the film.

In rural Spain, the sister (Carmen Sevilla) of an ex-con convinces him to take revenge against the local who tipped off the authorities about the man’s whereabouts, which led to his subsequent arrest.

Unfortunately, she soon falls in love with the snitch.

La Venganza (1958 movie poster).jpg

Theatrical release poster

Though shown at the 1958 Cannes Film Fest, this movie was not released in Spain until the following year, due to troubles with Spanish censorship.

When Bardem went to prison, it became an international scandal.

Oscar Context:

The film was nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar, but did not win; the winner was Jacques Tati’s French satire, Mon Oncle.

The three other nominees were: “Arms and the Men” from Germany, “The Road a Year Long,” from Yugoslavia, and “The Usual Unidentified Thieves” from Italy.

Carmen Sevilla as Andrea Díaz
Raf Vallone as Luis ‘El Torcido’
Jorge Mistral as Juan Díaz
José Prada as Santiago ‘El Viejo’
Manuel Alexandre as Pablo ‘El Tinorio’
Manuel Peiró as Maxi ‘El Chico’
Conchita Bautista as Cantante
José Marco Davó
Rafael Bardem
Maria Zanoli
Xan das Bolas as Segador gallego
Rufino Inglés
Ángel Álvarez
Goyo Lebrero
José Riesgo

Running time: 122 Minutes.