Surrogate, The: Jeremy Hersh’s Tale of One Complicated Postmodern Family

Directed and written by Jeremy Hersh, The Surrogate deals with a new, rather relevant issue: the changing meaning and structure of the American family, specifically the need/wish of gay couple to raise children of their own.

Aaron is a lawyer and the trio believe they have a contractual agreement. The men will pay for all the medical expenses and Jess will relinquish any parental rights.

Then prenatal testing reveals an extra chromosome, Down syndrome.  Jess now has a sense of purpose she did not have in her romantic or professional life. She reads up on Down syndrome and looks into community resources. She visits a social enrichment program, asks questions, reaches out to one of the teachers,

Josh and Aaron are understandably shell-shocked, but they go along to visit the enrichment program and visit Leon and his parents. Jess believes that if she just gives them the right reading material and maybe suggests a more lucrative career redirection, they can make it work and everyone will live happily ever after.

The Surrogate movie poster


Jasmine Batchelor as Jess

Chris Perfetti as Josh

Sullivan Jones as Aaron

Brooke Bloom as Bridget

Eboni Booth as Samantha

William DeMeritt as Pierre


Directed, written by Jeremy Hersh

Cinematographer: Mia Cioffi Henry