Splendor (1935): Drama Starring Miriam Hopkins and Joel McCrea

Produced by Samuel Goldwyn, and distributed by United Artists, Splendor is a drama starring Miriam Hopkins and Joel McCrea.


It’s the third of five films made by Hopkins and McCrea after The Richest Girl in the World and Barbary Coast, and before These Three (their best) and Woman Chases Man.

Miriam Hopkins as Phyllis Manning Lorrimore
Joel McCrea as Brighton Lorrimore
Paul Cavanagh as Martin Deering
Helen Westley as Mrs. Emmeline Lorrimore
Billie Burke as Clarissa
David Niven as Clancey Lorrimore
Katharine Alexander as Martha Lorrimore
Ruth Weston as Edith Gilbert
Arthur Treacher as Major Ballinger


Directed by Elliott Nugent
Produced by Samuel Goldwyn
Written by Rachel Crothers (play, uncredited)
Cinematography Gregg Toland
Edited by Margaret Clancey

Production company: Samuel Goldwyn Productions

Distributed by United Artists

Release date: November 22, 1935

Running time: 75 minutes


TCM showed the movie on January 21, 2021.