SNL: Maya Rudolph Moderates Final Debate With Mute Button

‘SNL’ Cold Open: Maya Rudolph Moderates Final Debate With Mute Button


'Saturday Night Live'

‘Saturday Night Live’

Maya Rudolph returned to ‘SNL’ to play NBC News correspondent Kristen Welker.

Saturday Night Live recreated the recent and final presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic opponent Joe Biden in its cold open.

Alec Baldwin’s Trump faced off against Jim Carrey’s Biden, mostly discuss the novel coronavirus pandemic, with Baldwin’s Trump announcing the military would distribute a vaccine with cannons if he wins the election.

Baldwin’s Trump also referenced his tax returns, saying that his taxes are “prepaid like a drug dealer’s phone.”

Maya Rudolph switched things up and played NBC News correspondent Kristen Welker instead of her usual take on Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris.

Rudolph’s Welker threatened to use a mute button during the debate — hitting on the new option used during the official debate so either Trump or Biden could deliver uninterrupted opening two-minute answers to each of the debate topics.

Carrey’s Biden also referenced the button and asked if he could just slap Trump in the mouth to quiet him.

Kate McKinnon returned as Rudy Giuliani in a compromising situation with his mic, making a reference to Giuliani’s scandalous appearance in the new Borat movie.

Rudolph’s Welker revealed at the end of the cold open she’d been playing a debate Bingo drinking game in which one of the rules was to take a shot for every time Biden said “malarkey.”

Adele will return to the SNL stage as a first-time host with H.E.R. as the musical guest