Rosalie Goes Shopping (1989): Percy Adlon’s Last Panel in Trilogy Starring Marianne Sägebrecht

Rosalie Goes Shopping is German director Percy Adlon’s last panel in a trilogy starring Marianne Sägebrecht, following Sugar Baby and Bagdad Cafe.

Rosalie Goes Shopping
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The secondary cast includes Brad Davis, and Judge Reinhold.

Sagebrecht again plays an eccentric, lovable heroine, this time around as Rosalie Greenspace, an expatriate German woman living in rural Arkansas with her American husband Ray (Liebling), a crop-duster airplane pilot.

They have seven children: Kindi, the eldest son is a US Army soldier stationed out of state; Barbara, the eldest daughter is a good-natured overachieving college student; Schatzi, an underachieving high school student; Schnucki, a flamboyant gourmet cook; teenage twin girls who are never named; and Herzi, the youngest child. Rosalie loves to shop too much to let a little thing like no money stop her.

Her routine consists of daily shopping in the nearby small town of Stuttgart (the same name of her hometown in Germany) where she forges checks, uses false credit cards, and other means to supplement her livelihood with purchases of fancy foods for Kindi to cook and various clothing and appliances for her large house.

A devout Catholic, she has a twisted view on religion when she goes every day to a small church and confesses her sins to a local priest; she deludes herself that if she confesses her crimes, her “sins” will not become sins anymore.