Password Is Courage, The (1962): Andrew Stone’s WWII Film, Starring Dirk Bogarde

Written, produced, and directed by Andrew L. Stone, The Password Is Courage is a WWII film, based on John Castle’s 1954 memoir of the same name.

The Password is Courage
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The film, which stars Dirk Bogarde, Maria Perschy, and Alfred Lynch, offers a lighthearted take on the true story of Sergeant-Major Charles Coward, written under the pseudonym John Castle by Ronald Charles Payne and John Williams Garrod.

Bogarde plays Sergeant-Major Charles Coward, a senior British NCO incarcerated in the prisoner of war camp Stalag VIII-B. He encourages his fellow inmates to escape, and tries to humiliate the German army guards.

When he was being transferred to Stalig VIII-B, the injured Coward escaped from a forced POW march, finding refuge in a French farmhouse that is requisitioned by a German army unit for a field hospital.

The tale takes a whimsical turn, when inadvertently thought to be a wounded German soldier, Coward is taken to a hospital, where his identity is discovered, but not before he is awarded the Iron Cross.


TCM showed the movie on Feb 23, 2021.