Music Teacher, The (1988): Gerard Corbiau’s Belgian Oscar Nominee, Starring Singer Jose Van Dam (LGBTQ, Bisexual)

The title character of “The Music Teacher,” a Belgian-French production, is a retired opera star, played by the eminent bass-baritone Jose Van Dam.

The film is directed and co-written by Gerard Corbiau.

The teacher’s most gifted pupil is singer-musician Anne Roussel, who loves and admires him. Roussel and Van Dam’s relationship also involves another pupil, the petty thief Philippe Volter.

Complicating matters is one of Van Dam’s old enemies, who aims to exploit the talents of the pupils.

One of the film’s highlights involves a singing contest run by a bisexual count, who’s attracted to both students.

Some critics dismissed the plot as silly , florid and verbose, while others raved about the music and Van Dam’s stunning performance.

Oscar Context

The film was nominated for a “Best Foreign Language Picture Oscar, but the winner was “Pelle the Conqueror.”

Credits:MPAA: PG
Running time: 95 Minutes.
Directed by Gérard Corbiau
Screenplay: Andrée Corbiau, Gérard Corbiau, Patrick Iratni, Jacqueline Pierreux