Meg, The: Jon Turteltaub’s Big-Budget Shark Picture

Jon Turteltaub’s big-budget shark picture, The Meg, starring action star Jason Statham, opens today with some anxieties from the producers and distributor.

The Meg, which has been years in the making, cost at least $150 million to produce, yet is only tracking to open in the $20 million  range domestically.

The Meg is hoping for a far bigger return offshore. China’s Gravity put up a significant portion of the budget, and is handling distribution duties in China, where the movie opens Friday.

Li Bingbing, Rainn Wilson, Ruby Rose, Winston Chao and Cliff Curtis co-star in the film, which follows a group of scientists trying to stop a mammoth shark from wreaking destruction.

Shark Movies:

In summer 1975, Spielberg made history with the classic shark film Jaws.

Sony’s The Shallows, starring Blake Lively, revived the genre upon grossing $119 million globally against a modest $25 million budget.

Last summer, 47 Meters Down garnered $44.3 million against a $5.5 million budget.