Just Imagine (1931): David Butler’s Oscar-Nominated Sci-Fi Musical, Starring Ed Brendel Maureen O’Sullivan

David Butler’s strange musical sci-fi, “Just Imagine,” revolves around comedian El Brendel (a Swedish dialect comic), who dies in 1930, but comes back to life fifty years later.
Audiences of the Depression era got a kick out of imagining the look of American life and architecture in 1980 (art deco dominates and people are named by and treated as numbers).
The romantic interest is played by the very young Maureen O’Sullivan, who would later score in the Tarzan  pictures and Marx Brothers comedies.
Oscar Nominations: 1
Interior Decoration: Stephen Goosson and Ralph Hammers
Oscar Awards: None
Oscar Context
In 1931, the Interior Decoration Oscar went to Max Ree for “Cimarron,” which also won Best Picture and others Oscars. The other nominees in this competitive category were: Richard Day for “Whoopee,” Hans Dreier for “Morocco,” and Anton Grot for “Svengali.”