Invitation, The (L’Invitation) (1973): Claude Goretta’s Oscar-Nominated Film

Swiss filmmaker Claude Goretta directed The Invitation (French: L’Invitation), a well acted movie that belongs to the subgenre of “party reunions.”

The Invitation was nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar.  But the winner was Truffaut’s comedy, Day for Night.

It shared the Jury Prize at the 1973 Cannes Film Festival.

The Invitation tells the story of a group of office workers, one of whom inherits a large country house and invites his co-workers to a party.

At the party, they gradually let go of their inhibitions and get to know one another.

Jean-Luc Bideau – Maurice
François Simon – Emile
Jean Champion – Alfred
Corinne Coderey – Simone
Michel Robin – Remy Placet
Cécile Vassort – Aline
Rosine Rochette – Helene
Jacques Rispal – René Mermet
Neige Dolsky – Emma
Pierre Collet – Pierre
Lucie Avenay – Mme. Placet
Roger Jendly – Thief
Gilbert Costa – L’inspecteur
William Jacques – Le jardinier
Daniel Stuffel – Le surnuméraire