Incident, The (1967): Neo-Noir Thriller, Starring Martin Sheen in his First Film Role

Nicholas E. Baehr wrote The Incident, a neo-noir thriller, based on his teleplay Ride with Terror, which had been previously adapted as a 1963 TV film, directed by Larry Peerce.

The Incident
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The film stars Tony Musante and Martin Sheen (in his first film role) as two street hoods who terrorize 14 passengers sharing a New York City Subway car.

The ensemble cast includes Beau Bridges, Ruby Dee, Jack Gilford, Ed McMahon, Gary Merrill, Donna Mills, Brock Peters, Thelma Ritter, and Jan Sterling.

The film was made for a budget of $1,050,000.

On a Sunday evening in the Bronx, punks Joe Ferrone and Artie Connors are looking for trouble.

After teasing a pool hall owner for closing early, they harass a passing couple, then mug an old man and beat him into unconsciousness.

Meanwhile, Bill Wilks, his wife, Helen, and their sleeping 5-year-old daughter board a southbound 4 subway train at the Bronx’s Mosholu Parkway station at 2:15 AM, after Bill refuses to take a cab to their home in Flushing, Queens.

When they enter the last car of the train, its only other passenger is a sleeping derelict.

Joe and Artie board at the 170th Street station and proceed to psychologically terrorize, humiliate and degrade every single adult passenger, as the train passes through the next 15 stations.

They start with the derelict, then move to Douglas, then to Kenneth, whom they physically prevent from leaving the train.


Directed by Larry Peerce
Produced by Edward Meadow, Monroe Sachson
Written by Nicholas E. Baehr
Music by Charles Fox, Terry Knight
Cinematography Gerald Hirschfeld
Edited by Armond Lebowitz

Production company: Moned Associated

Distributed by 20th Century Fox

Release date: November 5, 1967

Running time: 107 minutes


TCM showed the movie on January 17, 2021.