I Think I Do: Brian Wilson’s Comedy

The wedding film, a staple of American comedies, has returned in the form of stories about gay men who wish but are unable to get married legally. Brian Sloan’s I Think I Do is a screwball comedy of manners with a current, more complex sexual politics.

Sloan thought that, “It would be really fun to take the wedding film premise and all its stock characters and plug in more modern situations–not just by having the gay couple be the focus, but also by treating the wedding movie in a different way.”

The novelty is that the narrative is just as concerned with the friends in the aisles as with the couple at the altar. True to the screwball format, the tale unfolds during one tumultuous weekend when all hell breaks loose. Marking a shift in gay films away from activist queer cinema towards a lighter fare, I Think I do is based on the assumption that comedy is still one of the most subversive genres.