Directors: Debuts—First Time Directors Around the World

Research in Progress (Sep 8, 2021)

Directing Debuts (First-Time Directors), 1955-1970


Hall Bartlett – Unchained
Earl Bellamy – Seminole Uprising
Roger Corman – Swamp Women
Hubert Cornfield† – Sudden Danger
Blake Edwards – Bring Your Smile Along
José Ferrer – The Cockleshell Heroes
Stanley Kramer – Not as a Stranger
Charles Laughton – The Night of the Hunter
Burt Lancaster – The Kentuckian
Delbert Mann – Marty
Ray Milland – A Man Alone
Satyajit Ray – Pather Panchali
Mrinal Sen – Raat Bhore
Don Sharp – The Stolen Airliner
Melville Shavelson – The Seven Little Foys
Andrzej Wajda† – A Generation
Cornel Wilde – Storm Fear


Mario Bava – Black Sunday
Herbert J. Leder – Pretty Boy Floyd
Jerry Lewis – The Bellboy
Walter Matthau – Gangster Story
Jacques Rivette – Paris Belongs to Us
Stuart Rosenberg♦ – Murder, Inc.
Masahiro Shinoda – One-Way Ticket for Love
Jean-Luc Godard† – À bout de souffle
John Wayne – The Alamo
Mel Welles – Code of Silence
Michael Winner – Shoot to Kill
Yoji Yamada – Zero no shôten
Yoshishige Yoshida – Rokudenashi


Luis Alcoriza – Los jóvenes
William Alland – Look in Any Window
Marlon Brando – One-Eyed Jacks
Jack Couffer – Nikki, Wild Dog of the North
Jacques Demy† – Lola
Richard Donner♦ – X-15
Bryan Forbes – Whistle Down the Wind
Kinji Fukasaku – Hakuchu No Buraikan
Susumu Hani† – Bad Boys
Andrei Konchalovsky – The Boy and the Pigeon
Buzz Kulik♦ – The Explosive Generation
Claude Lelouch – Le propre de l’homme
Sergio Leone# – The Colossus of Rhodes
Pier Paolo Pasolini – Accattone
Halit Refiğ† – Yasak Aşk
Don Taylor – Everything’s Ducky


Bernardo Bertolucci – La commare secca
Alain Cavalier – Le combat dans l’île
George Roy Hill – Period of Adjustment
Arthur Hiller♦ – This Rugged Land
Norman Jewison♦ – 40 Pounds of Trouble
Richard Lester†♦ – It’s Trad, Dad!
Frank Perry – David and Lisa
Roman Polanski† – Knife in the Water
Gerald Potterton – My Financial Career
John Schlesinger – A Kind of Loving
Vilgot Sjöman – The Mistress
Andrei Tarkovsky† – Ivan’s Childhood
Hiroshi Teshigahara – Pitfall


Lindsay Anderson – This Sporting Life
Gower Champion♦ – My Six Loves
Francis Ford Coppola†# – Dementia 13
George Englund♦ – The Ugly American
Forugh Farrokhzad – The House Is Black
James Ivory – The Householder
Jack O’Connell – Greenwich Village Story
Ken Russell†♦ – French Dressing
Franklin J. Schaffner♦ – The Stripper
Peter Tewksbury♦ – Sunday in New York
Peter Yates – Summer Holiday
Bud Yorkin♦ – Come Blow Your Horn


Miloš Forman† – Black Peter
Samuel Goldwyn Jr. – The Young Lovers
Philip Kaufman – Goldstein
Larry Peerce – One Potato, Two Potato
Glauber Rocha† – Black God, White Devil
Ettore Scola† – Se permettete parliamo di donne
Steven Spielberg – Firelight
Mel Stuart♦ – Four Days in November

Stephen C. Apostolof – Orgy of the Dead
John Boorman♦ – Catch Us If You Can
John Derek – Nightmare in the Sun
Costa-Gavras – The Sleeping Car Murders
Ebrahim Golestan† – Brick and Mirror
Daniel Haller – Die, Monster, Die!
Dušan Makavejev† – Covek nije tica
Sydney Pollack♦ – The Slender Thread
David Secter – Winter Kept Us Warm
Elliot Silverstein – Cat Ballou
Frank Sinatra – None but the Brave
Jerzy Skolimowski♦ – Walkover
Robert Sparr♦ – A Swingin’ Summer
Jan Troell – 4×4
K. Viswanath – Aatma Gowravam

Woody Allen – What’s Up, Tiger Lily?
Hy Averback♦ – Chamber of Horrors
Paul Bogart♦ – The Three Sisters
Bob Clark – The Emperor’s New Clothes
Marguerite Duras – La musica
Rainer Werner Fassbinder – Der Stadtstreicher
Yasuharu Hasebe – Black Tight Killers
William Klein – Who Are You, Polly Maggoo?
Alexander Kluge – Yesterday Girl
David Lane♦ – Thunderbirds Are Go
Mariano Laurenti – Il vostro super agente Flit
Darius Mehrjui – Diamond 33
John Milius – Marcello, I’m So Bored
Mike Nichols – Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
Lucian Pintilie – Sunday at Six
Ousmane Sembene – Borom Sarret
Volker Schlöndorff† – Der Junge Törless

Albert Finney – Charlie Bubbles
William Friedkin – Good Times
Philippe Garrel† – Marie for Memory
David Greene♦ – The Shuttered Room
Anthony Harvey♦ – Dutchman
Toshiya Fujita – Hikō shōnen: Hinode no sakebi
Med Hondo – Soleil O
Manoj Kumar – Upkar
Ken Loach♦ – Poor Cow
Carl Reiner – Enter Laughing
Mark Rydell – The Fox
Melvin Van Peebles† – The Story of a Three-Day Pass
Michael Verhoeven – The Dance of Death
Franco Zeffirelli – The Taming of the Shrew


Noel Black†♦ – Pretty Poison
Peter Bogdanovich – Targets
Mel Brooks – The Producers
Jacques Charon – A Flea in Her Ear
Brian De Palma† – Murder a la Mod
Werner Herzog† – Signs of Life
Peter R. Hunt – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
Alejandro Jodorowsky† – Fando y Lis
Peter Medak – Negatives
Paul Newman – Rachel, Rachel
Melvin Van Peebles† – The Story of a Three-Day Pass
George A. Romero† – Night of the Living Dead
Raúl Ruiz† – Three Sad Tigers
Martin Scorsese† – Who’s That Knocking at My Door
Fernando Solanas† – The Hour of the Furnaces
Isao Takahata – Hols: Prince of the Sun
Bob Rafelson – Head

Roy Andersson† – Lördagen den 5.10
Richard Attenborough – Oh! What a Lovely War
Robert Alan Aurthur – The Lost Man
John G. Avildsen† – Turn on to Love
David Cronenberg† – Stereo
Bob Fosse – Sweet Charity
Piers Haggard♦ – I Can’t… I Can’t
Tobe Hooper† – Eggshells
Dennis Hopper – Easy Rider
Charles Jarrott♦ – Anne of the Thousand Days
Paul Mazursky – Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice
Anthony Newley – Can Heironymus Merkin Ever Forget Mercy Humppe and Find True Happiness?
Alan J. Pakula – The Sterile Cuckoo
Gordon Parks† – The Learning Tree
Barney Platts-Mills† – Bronco Bullfrog
Michael Ritchie – Downhill Racer
Arthur Allan Seidelman – Hercules in New York
Paul Williams† – Out of It


Theodoros Angelopoulos – Reconstitution
Dario Argento – The Bird with the Crystal Plumage
Hal Ashby – The Landlord
Rajinder Singh Bedi – Dastak
James Bridges – The Baby Maker
Gilbert Cates♦ – I Never Sang for My Father
Ossie Davis – Cotton Comes to Harlem
Richard A. Colla† – Zigzag
George P. Cosmatos – The Beloved
Sean S. Cunningham – The Art of Marriage
William A. Fraker – Monte Walsh
Alan Gibson♦ – Crescendo
Lionel Jeffries – The Railway Children
Leonard Kastle – The Honeymoon Killers
Barbara Loden – Wanda
Vic Morrow♦ – A Man Called Sledge
Nicolas Roeg and Donald Cammell – Performance
Robert Scheerer♦ – Adam at 6 A.M.
Tony Scott† – Loving Memory
Wim Wenders – Summer in the City