Enter Madame (1935): Elliott Nugent’s Romantic Comedy, Starring Elissa Landi and Cary Grant

Elliott Nugent directed Enter Madame, a romantic comedy starring Elissa Landi and Cary Grant.

Enter Madame

Theater poster, 1935

The script by Charles Brackett and Gladys Lehman is based on a play of the same name, which was directed by Brock Pemberton and ran in New York for over a year.

Grant plays Gerald Fitzgerald, a man who falls in love with a temperamental opera star (Elissa Landi) only to realize that he has to endure the tantrums of a celeb femme. She is always surrounded by other people, press agents, servants, cooks–and even a half-brother.

The 1935 movie was a remake of a 1922 silent film, starring Clara Kimball Young and Louise Dresser.

This may be one of Grant’s weakest and most obscure films.

Elissa Landi as Lisa Della Robbia
Cary Grant as Gerald Fitzgerald
Lynne Overman as Mr. Farnum
Sharon Lynn as Flora Preston
Michelette Burani as Bice
Paul Porcasi as Archimede
Adrian Rosley as Doctor
Cecilia Parker as Aline Chalmers
Frank Albertson as John Fitzgerald
Wilfred Hari as Tamamoto
Torben Meyer as Carlson
Harold Berquist as Bjorgenson
Diana Lewis as Operator
Richard Bonelli as Scarpia in ‘La Tosca’
Ann Sheridan: Flora’s Shipboard Friend (as Clara Lou Sheridan)


Directed by Elliott Nugent
Written by Gilda Varesi Archibald (play Enter Madame), Charles Brackett (screenplay)
Cinematography Theodor Sparkuhl
Distributed by Paramount Pictures

Release date: January 4, 1935

Running time: 83 minutes