Climax, The (1944): Oscar Nominated Horror (in Color), Starring Boris Karloff as Mad Doctor

Boris Karloff stars in The Climax, Universal horror film in color, a mad doctor taking a beautiful young soprano (Susanna Foster) under his spell.

The narrative, directed by George Waggner, is a bit of a mishmash, combining elements of “Phantom of the Opera,” “Trilby,” and other genre items.

The sets are those of “Phantom,” which make the film familiar, but the supporting cast is good, especially Gale Sondergaard as a witch and Thomas Gomez.

Oscar Nominations: 1

Interior Decoration (Color): John B. Goodman and Alexander Golitzen, art directors; Russell A. Gausman and Ira S. Webb, set decorators

Oscar Awards: None


Oscar Context:

The winner of the Color Interior Decoration Oscar was the biopic “Wilson.”