Chocolate Soldier The (1941): Del Ruth’s Oscar-Nominated Remake, Starring Nelson Eddy

Directed by Roy Del Ruth, “The Chocolate Soldier is a remake of Ferenc Molnar’s popular play “The Guardsmen,” which was adapted for the big screen by MGM in 1931, with Oscar-nominated performances by Lynn Fontanne and Alfred Lunt.

The mildly amusing tale focuses on an opera star (Nelson Eddy), who tests the fidelity of his wife (Rise Stephens) by wooing her in disguise.

Bewarned: The film bears the title of the operetta based on the George Bernard Shaw play, “Arms and the Man.”

The film is too chatty (borderline verbose), but the music by Oscar Straus is good.

Oscar Nominations: 3

Cinematography (black-and-white): Karl Freund

Sound Recording: Douglas Shearer

Scoring of Musical: Herbert Stothart and Bronislav Kaper

Oscar Awards: None

Oscar Context:

The winner of the Cinematography Oscar was Arthur Miller for “How Green Was My Valley.”

Jack Whitney won the Sound Direction for “That Hamilton Woman,” and Frank Churchill and Oliver Wallace were honored for their score for “Dumbo.”



Running time: 102 Minutes

Directed by Roy Del Ruth

Released: October 31, 1941


Nelson Eddy as Karl Lang

Rise Stevens as Maria Lanyl

Nigel Bruce as Bernard Fischer

Florence Bates as Mme. Helene

Dorothy Gilmore as Magda

Nydia Westman as Liesel the maid