Cannes Uncut: Documentary Charts Glorious Excesses, Triumphs and Failures of Festival

‘Cannes Uncut’ Documentary Charts “Glorious Excesses, Triumphs and Failures” of Festival

Billed as the first major docu covering the history of Cannes, it is timed for the festival’s 75th anniversary, in May 2022.


The world’s most famous film festival will be covered in a new documentary feature, chronicle three-quarters of a century of glitz, glamour and mayhem in the south of France.

Cannes Uncut is being readied in time for the Cannes Film Festival’s 75th birthday in 2022.

It is billed as the “first major documentary covering the history” of the event, and will tell the story of festival’s “glorious excesses, triumphs and failures.”

The documentary’s creative and production team is made up of a quartet of Croisette veterans — producer-PR consultant Colin Burrows, critic-consultant Mark Adams, photographer-director Chris Pickard and journalist-critic Richard Blanshard — who will be conducting interviews at the festival this year to sit alongside archive material.

“The Cannes Film Festival is famous as an event brimming with stories and characters as outlandish and dramatic as the films that have premiered there, and Cannes Uncut will celebrate the great films as well as the wild parties; the spectacular promotional stunts as well as the iconic talents; the glorious successes and the infamous failures,” they said in the announcement.

“This is the documentary that dares to detail all the glamour, red carpets, craziness, deals, parties, movies, and personalities that saw the business of show business implant itself at the Cannes Film Festival. It offers an exciting high-adrenaline, roller-coaster experience of what has played out over the years.”

Cannes Uncut is a production by Burrows’ Special Treats Production Company.