Beyond the Walls (1984): Israel Oscar-Nominated Prison Drama

Set in an Israeli maximum security prison, Beyond the Walls (“Meachori Hasoragim,” the Hebrew title translates into “Begond the Fences”) centers on two rival prisoners.

The opposing factions are headed by an Israeli (Arnon Zadok) and an Arab (Muhamad Bakri). In the first reel, there are the expected argumenst, provocations, insults, and hatred, which threaten to erupt into bloody violence.

In the end, despite intially racial and national hatred, tensions begin to relax, when the Jews and and the Arabs join forces.  The rival gangs organize a united front leading to a prison strike, based on the realization that they face a common cruel enemy: the captive authorities.

Oscar Nominations: 1

Best Foreign-Language Film.

Oscar Context:

The winner was the Swiss movie “Dangerous Moves.”


Israel (April Productions)

MPAA Rating: R.

Running time: 97 Minutes.


Directed by Uri Barbash.



Arnon Zaodk as Uri

Muhammad Bakri.

Assi Dayan  as Assaf.

Rami Danon as Fittusi

Adib Jahashan as Walid

Roberto Pollak as Yechiel