Awful Truth, The (1937): Criterion Collection of Cary Grant Classic

In this Oscar-winning farce, Cary Grant, in an iconic role that made him a major star, and Irene Dunne exude charm, cunning, and affection as an urbane couple who, fed up with each other’s infidelities, resolve to file for divorce.

They each try to move on, but the mischievous Jerry can’t help but meddle in Lucy’s ill-matched engagement to a corn-fed Oklahoma businessman (Ralph Bellamy), and a mortified Lucy begins to realize that she may be saying goodbye to the only dance partner capable of following her lead.

Fluently directed by Oscar winner Leo McCarey, a master of improvisation and slapstick as well as a keen and sympathetic observer of human folly, The Awful Truth is a stylish comedy about two people whose flaws only make them all the more alluring.

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Special Edition Features
* New 4K digital restoration, with uncompressed monaural soundtrack on the Blu-ray
* New interview with critic Gary Giddins about director Leo McCarey
* New video essay by film critic David Cairns on actor Cary Grant’s performance
* Illustrated 1978 audio interview with actor Irene Dunne
* Lux Radio Theatre adaptation of the film from 1939, starring Claudette Colbert and Grant

An essay by film critic Molly Haskell

Running time: 91 minutes

Black & White


1.37:1 aspect ratio