Arise, My Love (1940): Mitchell Leisen’s Oscar Nominated Melodrama, Starring Claudette Colbert and Ray Milland

At the peak of her popularity, Claudette Colbert plays a reporter who meets and falls for a soldier of fortune (played by Ray Milland) during the Spanish Civil War.
Mitchel Leisen, who directed Colbert in other films, helms smoothly and elegantly this romantic drama, based on the Original Story by Benjamin Glazer and John S. Toldy, who won the writing Oscar that year. This was a strange choice by the Academy as the screenplay by Charles Brackett and Billy Wilder was not even acknowledged.
The excellent supporting cast includes Walter Abel as Colbert’s editor.
Oscar Nominations: 4
Original Story: Benjamin Glazer and John S. Toldy
Cinematography (b/w): Charles B. Lang, Jr.
Interior Decoration (b/w): Hans Dreier and Robert Usher
Score: Victor Young
Oscar Awards:
Original Story
Oscar Context:
The winner of the Cinematography Oscar was George Barnes for Hitchcock’s “Rebecca.” “Pride and Prejudice” won the Art Direction, and Alfred Newman won the Oscar for “Tin Pan Alley.”