13 Reasons Why: Netflix’s Teen Series is Most Tweeted Show

13 Reasons Why, Netflix’s latest series, is the most tweeted about show of 2017, thus far.

13 Reasons Why has amassed more than 11 million tweets since its launch on Mar. 30, according to Twitter data.


The teen series, based on the YA novel of the same name, revolves around the suicide of a high school girl, Hannah, played by newcomer Katherine Langford, who co-stars with Dylan Minnette. The show is executive produced by multi-hyphenate superstar Selena Gomez, who happens to be the most-followed person on Instagram.

Alisha Boe, who plays Jessica, jumped from around 600 followers to more than 56,000, and Brandon Larracuente, who portrays Jeff, grew from nearly 2,000 followers to over 90,000.

According to Twitter, the most tweeted about character is Hannah, then Clay, Jeff, Alex and Justin.

Langford has also attracted a giant Instagram following with 2.9 million followers, at the time this article was written. It’s unclear how many followers she had on the photo-centric platform when “13 Reasons Why” premiered, but sources close to Netflix say the growth is drastic.

Made by Paramount TV, the show is also a critical favorite.

13 Reasons Why is the top show on Twitter for the year, but the Netflix series trails behind by The Vampire Diaries at No. 2 and The Walking Dead at No. 3.