Movie Stars: Grant, Cary: Screen Image–No Frequent Female Stars

Unlike many movie stars of his generation–Bogart, Wayne, Cooper–Cary Grant didn’t have a frequent screen lady, or a female star that helped shape his lengthy screen career in a significant manner.

Grant, as is well known, was not associated with a particular studio, and thus did not benefit directly from the publicity machines of the major companies.

His years under contract at Paramount–early 1930s–were not important for his future major stardom.

If my study (future book) is correct, these were Grant’s significant female screen collaborators:

Katharine Hepburn: 4 films (3 directed by Cukor; one by Hawks)

Ann Sheridan: 4 films

Irene Dunne: 3

Myrna Loy: 3

Carole Lombard: 3 films

Deborah Kerr: 3 films

Jean Arthur: 2

Joan Fontaine: 2

Loretta Young: 2

Ingrid Bergman: 2