Movie Stars: Colbert, Claudette–Better Paid than Male Stars

Claudette Colbert had received  3 Oscar Nominations, winning the Best Actress the first time around

1934: Best Actress, It Happened One Night (winner)
1935: Best Actress, Private Worlds
1944: Best Actress, Since You Went Away

Oscar Context:

In 1934, Colbert became the first Best Actress winner to receive the Oscar for a comedy, Frank Capra’s “It Happened One Night,” which swept all of the important Oscars.

In 1935, the winner of the Best Actress was Bette Davis for “Dangerous,” and in 1944, Ingrid Bergman for “Gaslight.”

Higher Paid than Male Stars

A more bankable star at the time, Claudette Colbert received $150,000 for her role in Preston Sturges’ 1942 screwball comedy, The Palm Beach Story, whereas Joel McCrea was paid $60,000.