1 )scar Actors: Best Actor–Multiple Nominations (4 or More)

April 21, 2022

Multiple Awards and Nominations

The following individuals received two or more Best Actor awards:

Wins Actor Nominations
3 Daniel Day-Lewis 6
2 Spencer Tracy 9
Jack Nicholson 8
Marlon Brando 7
Dustin Hoffman
Gary Cooper 5
Tom Hanks
Fredric March
Sean Penn
Anthony Hopkins 4

The following individuals received four or more Best Actor nominations:

Nominations Actor

9 Nominations: 2

Laurence Olivier
Spencer Tracy

8 Nominations: 3

Paul Newman
Jack Nicholson
Peter O’Toole

7 Nominations: 4

Marlon Brando
Dustin Hoffman
Jack Lemmon
Denzel Washington

6 Nominations: 2

Richard Burton
Daniel Day-Lewis

5 Nominations: 10

Gary Cooper
Robert De Niro
Leonardo DiCaprio
Tom Hanks
Fredric March
Paul Muni
Al Pacino
Gregory Peck
Sean Penn
James Stewart

4 Nominations: 6

Warren Beatty
Charles Boyer
Michael Caine
Albert Finney
Anthony Hopkins
Burt Lancaster

3 Nominations:

2 Nominations:


Age Records

Oldest Winner Anthony Hopkins, The Father, 2020, 83

Oldest Nominee: Anthony Hopkins

Youngest Winner: Adrien Brody, The Pianist, 2002, 29

Youngest Nominee Jackie Cooper, Skippy, 1931, 9