Black Panther: Interview with Oscar Nominated Star Daniel (Get Out) Kaluuya

Black Panther, the eagerly anticipated Disney-Marvel movie, hits theaters February 16, 2018.

Star Daniel Kaluuya has just been nominated for the Best Actor Oscar for his amazing performance in Get Out, which is also nominated for the Best Picture.

Sudden Success?

Daniel Kaluuya:  I’m probably even more overwhelmed than I was after Get Out.  It keeps on going to another level.  I feel very blessed especially to do things that I believe in, to have these moments on projects that I wanted to watch.  I wanted the people to connect with like no matter where you’re from, no matter what you’re about but to present what you’re about and your culture especially for them to connect with worldwide. I’m speaking of bridge in cultures and especially now at a time when we need to come together and have a dialogue.

Getting Black Panther

DK: “Black Panther” came to me because Ryan Coogler saw a short film I did for amazing director Daniel Mulloy, he saw it in 2011 and he saw that. And he watched me doing a couple of things and then he was like ah, I really want you to be in my movie. We had a chat.  I was doing a play in London at the Young Vic and then in my lunch break I sat with Ryan in a coffee shop and then he offered me “Black Panther” and I was like I’m not going to do this play because it was a matinee so I had to go and do the evening show whilst doing it and I was trying to hide the Skype because anyone else would see I’m Skyping with Ryan Coogler. It was a very surreal instance and then we had more dialogue about his intention for “Black Panther” and that’s how it came. I was just really bought into what it would represent  It’s new ground where we’re going.