Family: Fathers and Sons; Fathers and Daughters in Hollywood Movies

Barbarian Invasions:

Blood and Sand (1941)

Father died, he kills the man who offended him and his father’s honor

Blue Velvet

Color of Money

Detective, The

Field of Dreams

Graduate, The

Great Santini, The

I Am Sam (2003)

Last Picture Show

Lion King


Nobody’s Fool

Padre Padrone

Peyton Place

The Return (Russian)

Road to Perdition, The

Secondhand Lons (2003)

Haley Joel Osment as a boy who never knew his father, raised  by selfish mother, and then given to two uncles, who teach him hw to be a man.

Shine (1996)

Mueller’ Stahl’s chilling performance as David Helfgott’s martinet father


Adaptation of Patrick McGrath’s novel

Spider’s alcoholic father (Gabriel Byrne); he’s a mentally disturbed man

Gregory Peck: Benevolent Patriarch

In his long and fertile career, Gregory Peck usually played fathers, liberal, honest, conscientious fathers (not rigid patriarchs)

Gentlemen’s Agreement (1947):

Widowed father, working as a journalist, raising his young son, with the help of his mother.