Directors: Obscure–Goodwins, Leslie

Leslie Goodwins directed Tarnished Angel, a B-level musical scripted by Jo Pagano, based on a story by Saul Elkins.

Starring Sally Eilers, Lee Bowman, Ann Miller, and Alma Kruger, the film was produced and distributed by RKO and released on October 28, 1938.

Sally Eilers as Carol Vinson
Lee Bowman as Paul Montgomery
Ann Miller as Violet ‘Vi’ McMaster
Alma Kruger as Mrs. Harry Stockton
Paul Guilfoyle as Edward ‘Eddie’ Fox
Jonathan Hale as Detective Sgt. Edward Cramer
Vinton Hayworth as Dan ‘Dandy’ Bennett
Cecil Kellaway as Reginald ‘Reggie’ Roland

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