1 Hollywood in Crisis: Cinema, Politics and Society

Research in progress, March 13, 2022

Hollywood in Crisis: Cinema, Politics and Society

Hollywood Now!

Everything’s Content

Hollywood in the Age of Streaming

Hollywood in the New Millennium

Table of Contents:

  1. Organizational Structure
  2. Technology: F/X; IMAX
  3. Netflix Revolution
  4. Infantilization
  5. No Distinction between Film and TV
  6. End of Movie Stardom
  7. No More Heroes
  8. No More Genres
  9. Indie Cinema (Sundance Festival)
  10. MeToo; TimeUp
  11. The Oscars (OscarsSoWhite)
  12. Black Lives Matter (BLM)
  13. Impact of COVID-19
  14. Socially Relevant Movies
  15. Foreign Language Film

Table of Contents:

Hollywood Historiography

Organizational Structure

Industry: Economics, Globalization

Independent Cinema


Paradigms and Genres

Post-Classic Texts

Blockbusters, Specials, Remakes (Event Movies, Tentpoles)


Politics, Morality, Ideology

Directors and Directions

Critics and Reviewers

Audiences: Addressing Viewers in the Internet Era–Marketing, Publicity, Social Media

Michael Wood, America in the Movies:

Function of Movies (also Ideology)

“It seems that entertainment is not, as we often think, a full-scale flight from our problems, not a means of forgetting them completely, but rather a rearrangement of our problems into shapes which tame them, which disperse them to the margins of our attentions.”

Hollywood as Business

Supreme Court determined in 1915:

“The exhibition of motion pictures is a business pure and simple, originated and conducted for profit.”

Will Hays:

“Entertainment is the commodity for which the public pays at the box-office. Propaganda disguised as entertainment would be neither honest salesmanship, nor honest showmanship.”

(Quoted in Naremore, p. 96)

Dreams of luxury and glamor

Hollywood in the 1950s sold consumerist dreams to its main consumers: teens and women.