Oscar 2017: Viola Davis Fear of Losing the Supporting Actress Oscar

Jimmy Kimmel had actress Viola Davis on as a guest on Thursday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live and the host of this year’s Oscars talked to Davis about how she is seen as “the odds-on favorite” to win best supporting actress at the Academy Awards this year for her performance in Fences.

Davis had already won the Globe, BAFTA, and SAG awards, among others.

“Some say you’re a lock,” said Kimmel.

“You know I’ve been the odds-on favorite to win before and lost?” responded Davis, who is up for her role in Fences. “It’s devastating.”

Kimmel asked if that was worse than just losing, and she said of course.

“It’s like falling from a 100-story building as opposed to if you know you’re losing, it’s like falling from a one story building,” explained Davis.

Kimmel also asked her who writes the “great speeches” she’s so known for.

“I write them Jimmy,” said Davis. “They’re off-the-cuff.”