Black Panther: Teaser Trailer Generates 89 Million Views

The teaser trailer for Black Panther, Marvel Studios’ movie based on the character created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, generated 89 million views in the first 24 hours of its debut.

The spot debuted Friday during the first quarter of Game 4 of the NBA Finals on ABC. It was then released on various social media platforms.

The numbers are welcome news for Marvel as it shows strong interest in the upcoming stand-alone film, which is a gutsier venture for the studio that has in many cases relied on the familiarity of its main cast of Avengers to float its stand-alone pics. Black Panther features an unprecedented predominantly black cast and no box office titans, and, his appearance in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War notwithstanding, stars a character that is not largely known on the level of other superheroes.

Chadwick Boseman is playing T’Challa, aka Black Panther, the king of the fictional African nation of Wakanda who must defend his people from threats internal and external. Ryan Coogler directed the movie that is set to bow Feb. 16, 2018.

The 89 million-view figure includes the 19 millions views from those watching the NBA Finals.

While the trailer for Thor: Ragnarok is Marvel and parent company Disney’s most-watched ever (with 136 million views), Black Panther lands in the top 3 of most-watched Marvel trailer content.

Black Panther surpasses the views for teasers for top Marvel and Disney-released movies such as Captain America: Civil War (61 million), Star Wars: The Force Awakens (55 million) and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (52 million).

Black Panther generated 349,000 mentions on Twitter in 24 hours. It had more mentions than the NBA game during which it debuted, second only to the launch of the Star Wars: The Last Jedi teaser.