Oscar Directors: Kubrick, Stanley–Vision, Auteur, Organization of Space

Oscar Directors: Kubrick, Stanley–Vision, Auteur

Kolker: Cinema of Loneliness

You appreciate and even admire his films, but you don’t love them.

Interest in the possibility of stretching genres: war film, sci-fi, horror.

Resources are literary rather than cinematic

Most of his films comes from pre-existing literary works.

They have intellectual complexity associated more with literature and words than images

Translation from verbal to visual and aural texts

Ability to generate ideas from organization of space

Privacy and seclusion


Extreme self-confidence

Character that’s phobic and obsessive

Too cold and distant

Kubrick’s isolation took a toll: his later films suffered from cultural airlessness

He took his time, no film between 1980 and 1987, and then 1987-1999