All the Marbles (1981): Aldrich’s Final Film, Starring Peter Falk

Robert Aldrich’s final film, All the Marbles (aka and reissued as The California Dolls) is a serio-comedy about the trials and travails of a female wrestling tag team and their manager.

It stars Peter Falk, Vicki Frederick and Laurene Landon.

Peter Falk plays Harry, the manager of a tag team of attractive female wrestlers, Iris and Molly.

On the road, they endure indignities, including bad motels, small-time crooks and a mud-wrestling match while trying to reach Reno for an event at the MGM Grand hotel.

Aldrich was attracted to the novel idea of a film about women’s wrestling before, wishing to make  a crafty commercial picture (which it was not).

He also admitted to borrowing the psychological drive and ending from Polonsky’s 1947 sports drama, Body and Soul, on which  he had served as assistant director.

Peter Falk as Harry
Vicki Frederick as Iris
Laurene Landon as Molly
Richard Jaeckel as Dudley
Burt Young as Eddie Cisco
John Hancock as Big John
Faith Minton as Big Mama
Chick Hearn as Himself