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Oscar 1989: Best Picture–Analysis

Was 1989 a good year at the Oscars?  Twenty years ago, the five nominees for Best Picture were: Born on the Fourth of July, Dead Poets Society, Driving Miss Daisy (the winner), Field of Dreams, and My Lweft Foot. Which one would YOU vote for?  Read below.






Oscar 1980: Best Picture–Analysis

The Best Picture Contest in 1980 was typical in terms of genre representation.
Biopic (showbiz, rags to riches): Coal Miner's Daughter, 7 nominations, 1 Oscar
Classic British drama with real-life elements: Lynch's The Elephant Man, 8, no Oscars
Family Melodrama with positive message: Redford's Ordinary People 6, 4
Charcater study (also biopic), brilliantly acted: Scorsese's Raging Bull, 8, 1
Lush costume drama from prestigious literary source: Polanski's Tess, 6, 3


Hollywood 2000: The Decade Runners-Up

Too many good films to choose from.  Here is my list of ten runners-up, arranged in alphabetical order.  It represents half a dozen national cinemas, including Romania, a country that continues to produce some of the best films around.  For better or wrose, the list doesn't include non-fictional films.

1. Adaptation (2003), Spike Jonze

2. City of God (2002), Brazil, Fernando Mereilles







Avatar (2009): Cameron’s Extraordinary Visual Acievement

Cameron’s “Avatar” is an extraordinary visual achievement somewhat hampered by pedestrian storytelling and cardboard characterizations, displaying the same strengths and weaknesses as the commercial juggernaut "Titanic."

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What you need to know about Avatar


Precious: Daniels Adapts the Novel for the Screen

"Precious," directed by Lee Daniels and starring Gabby Sidibe, is the feature film adaptation of the novel "Push," written by Sapphire. It will be released on November 6 by Lionsgate.

"Precious" is filmmaker Lee Daniels’ second directorial effort, but it is a film he has wanted to make since he first read Sapphire’s novel, which was published in June, 1996.

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