You’ll Find Out (1940): David Butler’s Musical-Mystery, Starring Kay Kysler

David Butler directed at RKO You’ll Find Out, a B-level musical-mystery, starring Kay Kyser as himself.

A hybrid of a film, the tale concerns an orchestra hired to play at a young heiress’s birthday party, who uncover a plot against her.  That they are played by Boris Karloff, Peter Lorre, and Bela Lugosi bring extra-dimensions as they are associated with the horror genre.

Made on a low budget, the film was popular at the box-office.

The film was Oscar-nominated for the Best Original Song (“I’d Know You Anywhere”), but did not win.

Release date: November 22, 1940.

Running time: 97 Minutes


Kay Kyser as Himself
Peter Lorre as Professor Karl Fenninger
Boris Karloff as Judge Spencer Mainwaring
Bela Lugosi as Prince Saliano
Helen Parrish as Janis Bellacrest
Dennis O’Keefe as Chuck Deems
Alma Kruger as Aunt Margo Bellacrest