Wonder Woman: Female-Centric Blockbuster

Director Patty Jenkins and star Gal Gadot attended the Wonder Woman‘s world premiere, held at The Pantages Theatre.

Jenkins talked about the positive reactions of the film as well as the prospect of a sequel.  “I think you need to have a strong vision of your own,” Jenkins said, when asked if fan response might influence her direction with a sequel. “We had a bunch of fan screenings yesterday and they named their favorite scenes, and every single one named different scenes.”

Gadot also had thoughts on a potential sequel, when asked what era of Diana Prince’s (aka Wonder Woman) life she’d like to explore next. “She’s 3,000! So it’s hard to just pick one, but I would love to explore the early years of her in man’s world,” said Gadot.

The premiere is just days after Justice League director Zack Snyder revealed publicly that his family is mourning the loss of his daughter Autumn Snyder, who committed suicide in March. Snyder, who worked on the story for Wonder Woman, is stepping away from Justice League to focus on his family, with Joss Whedon assigned to complete handle post and the filming of a few additional scenes.

“It touches my heart. It’s been difficult, all of us knowing this news for a long time and knowing that the world didn’t,” Jenkins said of the outpouring of support Snyder and his family have received. “Zack is one of the nicest people you will ever meet in your life. I want the world to wrap their arms around him and embrace him and Debbie.”

Producer Charles Roven said his thoughts were with Snyder and his family. “He’s a great guy,” Roven said. “The events were very sad and obviously we all understand the choice he needed to make. It was great that the response from the fans was very warm.”

When asked about Whedon and Justice League‘s schedule, Roven was optimistic. “It’s going to be soon, we’re trying to do everything that we can to stay on the schedule that we were going to do with Zack. We’re still believing we can meet our release date.”


A few other superheroes were on hand for the screening, including original TV Wonder Woman Lynda Carter, who struck a heroic pose for the cameras and received perhaps the loudest applause of the night from fans.

Ray Fisher, who plays Cyborg alongside Gadot in Justice League, was also there to show his support.  Stars of The CW’s DC superhero shows — including Danielle Panabaker and Caity Lotz — also attended the female-centric blockbuster.