Wizard of Gore, The

“The Wizard of Gore,” the bizarre and grisly horror tale, will debut as unrated DVD on August 19, 2008 by Genius Products and The Weinstein Companys Dimension Extreme label.

The re-imagining of Herschell Gordon Lewis 1970 horror classic, “Wizard of Gore” was directed by Jeremy Kasten (“The Thirst”) and stars Crispin Glover (“Beowulf,” “Epic Movie”) as the master illusionist Montag The Magnificent.

There are also performances from Bijou Phillips (“Hostel: II,” “Choke”), Kip Pardue (“Remember The Titans,” “Devils Pond”) and the Suicide Girls.

In “The Wizard of Gore,” it becomes impossible to determine where the true illusions lie when an uncanny magician and his hermit assistant arrive in town with their unique and nightmarish act. As Montag The Magnificent dismembers and seemingly kills women on stage during his show, audiences are horrified until the lights go up and the victims are seen unhurt and alive! But illusion quickly becomes reality when the girls are found dead the following day, brutalized exactly as it appeared on stage.

The DVD edition features deleted scenes, bloopers, and multiple featurettes.