Oscar nominated actor Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network) and author makes an impressive directing debut with When You Finish Saving the World, based on his 2020 award-winning Audible Original.

The film tells the story of three individuals working to understand each other and themselves.

Nathan, a father learning to connect with his newborn son; Rachel, a young college student seeking to find her place in a relationship and in life, before marriage to Nathan; and Ziggy, their son, a teenager hoping to figure out where he came from, and where he’s headed.

The shifts between time frames in these characters’ lives span more than a decade and depicts the complexities of growing up, having children, and fitting in.

The audio was performed by Eisenberg as Nathan Katz, Finn Wolfhard as Ziggy Katz, and Kaitlyn Dever as Rachel Katz.

In the film version, Eisenberg and Wolfhard reprise their role, while Julianne Moore is cast as the mother, Rachel. Moore also serves as producer, alongside with Emma Stone and Dave McCary.

The film takes place in the present day, focusing on the mother and son relationship, while keeping other details the same, such as Ziggy’s mother running a shelter for victims of domestic violence, which she does in the audio version as well.