What's Love Got to Do With It (1993)

Angela Bassett was nominated for the Best Actress Oscar in 1993 for her powerhouse performance as Tina Turner in Brian Gibson's showbiz biopic, “What's Love Got to Do With It.”

Based on Turner's memoirs “I, Tina,” co-written with Kurt Loder, this essentially story of marital abuse, the film depicts the rise of Tina Turner (nee Anna Mae Bullock), a native of Nutbush, Tennessee as a performer, to become a legendary phenom with such string of hits as “Proud Mary.”

Turner has such a unique and powerful voice that helmer Gibson's decision to have Bassett lip-synch to the real singer's voice is very sound. But it's Bassett's highly charged turn that makes the film work and immensely stirring.

Laurence Fishburne also was nominated for the Bets Actor, as Tina Turner's abusive husband Ike turner, the R& B musician, who was instrumental early on in her career.

The performances are vivid and terrific, but the film suffers from showbiz clichs, due to Kate Lanier's formulaic scenario.

Oscar Alert

In 1993, Bassett competed for the Best Actress Oscar with Holly Hunter, who won for “The Piano,” Stockard Channing in “Six Degrees of Separation,” Emma Thompson in “The Remains of the Day,” and Debra Winger in “Shadowlands.”