Visitors, The (1972): Kazan’s Last Movie

Set in Connecticut, Kazan’s “The Visitors” concerns a vet. who, along with the mother of his baby, is threatened for 16 hours by two former buddies against whom the vet brought evidence of war crimes during their tour of duty in Vietnam. 

It turns out that, in the course of a routine patrol, the two former soldiers, along with other members of their squad, had first raped a young Vietnamese girl, who might possibly have been a Viet Cong sympathizer, and then bayoneted her to death.

Kazan’d last big-screen picture is a major disappointment, an artistic and commercial flop, which is now mostly known for featuring the screen debut of the gifted actor James Woods.

The cast includes Patrick McVey, Patricia Joyce, Chico Martinez, and Steve Railsback. 

Running time: 88 Minutes