U2 3D

Cannes Film Fest 2007 (World Premiere)–Taking the concert film format to an extreme, “U2 3D” establishes a visceral, occasionally surreal bond unprecedented in movie. Directors Catherine Owens and Mark Pellington's docu, which premiered in the 2007 Cannes Film Fest (out of competition), is an exhilarating collage of South American stadium concerts during U2s 2006 landmark tour. Excitingly innovative, “U2 3D” mobilizes digital 3-D and surround-sound technology that enables us to plunge into a peculiar proximity to the musicians.

Whether its glimpsing The Edges sonic orbit or passing over the crowd through outstretched arms, the viewers are no longer on the outside looking in, but inside looking out, a novel perspective shift that's at once odd and revelatory.

As is known by now, digital 3-D is a new medium that allows moviegoers to immerse themselves in the experience, energy and emotion of being in a prime seat at a U2 concert. Indeed, in this docu, the sense of intimacy with the audience is uncanny. In moments, it feels as if star Bono has stepped right off the screen to spend some time with his fans, an illusion created by his extended hand just inches from our face.

Its not surprising that the band would be inspired to explore the technical, experiential, and emotional possibilities of 3-D. The docu featuring such popular songs as Sunday Bloody Sunday, One, Beautiful Day, and Vertigo.

U2 has always understood the power of multi-sensory engagement in conveying its social message of coexistence, but it's possible to enjoy the feature without any reference to the band's ideology.

National Geographic Cinema Ventures picked up “U2 3D,” which it will distribute domestically and internationally in late January (in 3-D only), right after the Sundance Fest showing. National Geographic Ventures sees the release of “U2 3D” as a natural expansion of the division's growing presence in theatrical distribution.

The concert picture was produced by 3ality Digital and directed by Catherine Owens and Mark Pellington. Owens, you may recall, has been U2's visual content director for 15 years, whereas Pellington directed the band's “One” video.


Directors: Catherine Owens, Mark Pellington
Exec Producers: Sandy Climan, Michael Peyser, David Modell
Producers: Jon Shapiro, Peter Shapiro, John Modell, Catherine
Camera: Peter Anderson, Tom Krueger
Editor: Olivier Wicki
Music: Carl Glanville
3-D/DigProducer: Steve Schklair

Running Time: 85 Minutes