Trouble for Two (1936): Mystery Film, Starring Robert Montgomery and Rosalind Russell

J. Walter Ruben directed Trouble for Two, a mystery film starring Robert Montgomery and Rosalind Russell, juts before both became major stars.

Based on “The Suicide Club,” a short story by Robert Louis Stevenson, the script centers on a European prince, unhappy over an impending arranged marriage, who finds intrigue at a London club.

Montgomery plays Prince Florizel of Carovia, who finds out that negotiations for his marriage to Princess Brenda of Irania are under way.

He has not seen his intended bride since childhood, and at the time, he was not impressed. Luckily, Brenda is equally unwilling to marry him–“buying a pig in a poke”.

However, his father the King (E. E. Clive), reminds him of his duty and their precarious position; only three years earlier, a revolution was suppressed, and the ringleaders are still at large. The King sends his son to London to think things over, accompanied by Colonel Geraldine (Frank Morgan).

Traveling incognito, Florizel meets a mysterious woman, Miss Vandeleur (Rosalind Russell), aboard the ship, who asks him to keep an envelope.  He intervenes when a menacing man demands the papers, and waits for her at the dock.