Torpedo Run (1958)


In the Oscar-nominated psychological WWII drama “Torpedo Run,” directed by Joseph Pevney, movie star Glenn Ford, at the height of his career,  plays submarine commander Barney Doyle, who is obsessed with sinking a particular Japanese aircraft carrier.

Several months earlier, the carrier had escaped destruction by shielding itself with a POW transport ship, which was sunk by Doyle’s torpedoes.

The sunken transport had been carrying Doyle’s wife and daughter, captured in the Philippines. This tragic incident has transformed Doyle into a modern Ahab, mercilessly driving the men towards the single goal of blowing the hated enemy aircraft carrier out of the seas.

The Supporting cast includes Ernest Borgnine and Dean Jones.

Oscar Nominations: 1

Special Effects: A. Arnold Gillespie, visual; Harold Humbrock, sound

Oscar Awards: None

Oscar Context:

The winner of the Special Effects Award was “Tom Thumb.”

Running time: 98 Minutes.

Directed by Joseph Pevney

 August 22, 1990